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I have a scene with a camera that I want to look down on a floor that has objects on it. I'm having trouble setting the position of the camera so that I can see the floor from above.

I have:

camera->setPosition(vec3(20.0f, 1.5f, 0.0f));

I would like to be able to zoom out more.
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In most graphics systems Y is up. I assume that your objects are at, or near the origin. So to move your camera further above the object you would do something like this:
camera->setPosition(vec3(0.0f, 10.f, 0.0f));

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That places it 10 units above the origin. To see more of the floor you would move it further up (always assuming its a perspective camera). The other aspect is that it has to be looking downwards. An OpenGL camera looks down its z-axis, so you have to rotate it to point its z-axis down.

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