Cleanup Disk space (WINSXS) Windows Server 2008 Standard

I need help with cleaning up a Windows 2008 Standard server. The Winsxs folder has nearly 40% of the disk space and the disk is extremely low. I have tried installing the desktop experience however, the cleanup for Windows update cleanup is not available on 2008 Standard. Any help is appreciated.
Roger KippenhanAsked:
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Chris CastoroClient ServicesCommented:
Changing my response, actually just saw this wasnt R2.

is this system physical or virtual?
what server roles?
whats the drive breakdown? C, D, E , and so on?
Page file, where is it located? how big?

JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Try running Disk Cleanup, look at the selections and see what you can clean up with the base tool. This might save you some space.
Roger KippenhanAuthor Commented:
Chris answers to your questions
is this system physical or virtual? It is a physical server
 what server roles? Hosting Exchange 2010, Backup controller, SQL Server 2008 installed (Not sure if they are using it)
 whats the drive breakdown? C, D, E , and so on?
C: drive - 40GB .93GB Free
E: drive 401GB   261GB Free
F: drive 3 GB 1.99 GB Free
S: drive 465 GB 357 GB Free
T: Drive  465 GB 154 GB free
 Page file, where is it located? how big? Page file on E: system managed
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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
Is this all on 1 1.5TB drive?  
How big is the physical drive that C: resides on..
Chris CastoroClient ServicesCommented:
Well your probabaly looking at a backpressure issue right now with C: being that low.

To get exchagne flowing again you need to clear space on C.
One hidden Gem i've used in the past is to clear the Active sync logs from IIS.
these are found in C:\inetpub\logs\LogFiles\W3SVC,  there may be more than one folder in the logs directory. These logs are active sync events, in a normal situation you can view these logs to see whats going on with connections on mobile devices.  However in a disc space bind, clearing these works, if you've never done this, you may be able to clear some decent space, restart transport service and get mail flowing.

Long term, if you can, i'd resize some disc and throw more space at C if you can.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Your C: drive is 40 GB so you are saying WinSXS is about 15 GB which is entirely normal. Even if extended Cleanup (Cleanup System files) works, you will probably only save about 5 GB. This is not enough to move forward, so you need to add extra space to C:   Extended clean up does not always work in Server 2008 either.
Roger KippenhanAuthor Commented:
Chris-Great idea for purging the log files but I'm going to only get 250MB on that, but hey 250 is better than zero.
Is there anything I can do for the winsxs folder? 2008 R2 has the update cleanup, nothing for 2008 standard?
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Disk Cleanup is not Update Cleanup. Do you have Disk Cleanup in Admin Tools?
Roger KippenhanAuthor Commented:
John-as noted in my initial start of this case "I have tried installing the desktop experience however, the cleanup for Windows update cleanup is not available on 2008 Standard. ". So yes I have disk cleanup in admin tools, but there is no option for "update cleanup" on a windows server 2008 Standard (non R2). Thanks.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I know about the Update Cleanup part. But did you run Disk Cleanup?  It may also save a bit of space by deleting temporary files.
Chris CastoroClient ServicesCommented:
Hey Roger,

I fear you next best bet would be to resize disk if possible.
take a bit away from each of the larger partitions that can spare and the unpartition spaced at C:

Since this isnt R2, i dont beleive DSIM will work, that was released in R2 , which has utilities that can cleanup the winsxs folder.  Perhaps another expert can confirm this.

Depending on the age of this server i'd consider virtualizing and perhaps a hardware refresh if possible.

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