DVD Burner "Shorts Out" Computer

I'm stymied by a strange problem.  My desktop unit will not play a DVD without either freezing up the mouse and keyboard (if I'm lucky) or restarting the computer altogether.  Running Win 7, dual-core AMD 4600, 3 gb RAM, Win 7 Pro.  Pretty basic unit.  Had to replace my DVD burner about 2 years ago.  Don't use it much, so the problem may have been lurking around without my knowledge before.  But recently, I got a DVD that had some data files on it for a court case in which I'm involved, and when i put it in the computer DVD drive, the machine just  restarted.  And when it got to the login screen and I typed in my password, it restarted AGAIN.  It won't get fully loaded with the DVD in it--doesn't matter what the disk is, either (I've tried this with about a dozen different CD's and DVD's)  So, cleverly, I waited until it was all up and running, stuck in a CD and it froze the mouse and keyboard TIGHT.  No warning, no sounds, just . . . nothing.  Had to hit reset switch.  Replaced the DVD burner--didn't matter.  Replaced the SATA cable.  No luck.  Checked out various tech sites (Tom's Hardware, etc.) and no success.  Any ideas would be VERY welcome.  Incidentally, I did check the IRQ's for a possible conflict (which didn't show one) and the event viewer doesn't say anything except that the last shutdown was unexpected.   I wasn't sure about the title to this question, but it's probably as accurate as i can come up with.  FWIW, I do have an old IDE CD on the machine as well, and it works just fine.
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dbruntonQuid, Me Anxius Sum?  Illegitimi non carborundum.Commented:
Have you tested the DVD drive on another machine?

If you disconnect the hard disk and put a bootable CD or DVD in the drive will it try and boot from that disk or will it freeze up?
Your powersupply may be at it's limits or is going bad.

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SmugdadAuthor Commented:
Never even thought of a power supply problem.  More things to check. I'll check that and dbrunton's suggestion.
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what system is this?  i would also first test the drive on another PC, it looks like a bit on the interface is set to a bad state
you replaced the sata cable - but did you test it on another sata port ?
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Start with db's plan of checking that the disk opens on another machine - it's a reasonably common problem with corrupt data/dirty disk where windows starts to load data and then either chokes because it can't read ahead or the data is corrupt - especially the case where you have autorun enabled and Windows is trying to launch software such as a file reader directly from the disk.  As it happens with all your disks the blame is probably with the drive itself though.
SmugdadAuthor Commented:
I did move the cable to another sata connection with the same result.  It's done this now with two new drives.  I'll check the power supply idea out later this week and unplug the hard drive also.  Also will unplug the old cd drive to see if that helps. I did order an ide dvd unit to see what that does. More later. Thanks, all.
>>    It's done this now with two new drives.   <<   then it looks like your mother board is the cause
there is also a faint possibility that it is windows, so test if it happens in safe mode also
SmugdadAuthor Commented:
I would NEVER have figured out a power supply problem.  Went and unplugged the old CD drive that was still there, and it booted right up from the DVD drive with a DVD in it--and the existing HDD.  I'd put in an extra USB card with 4 USB ports, and evidently that drained the power enough to not run the DVD.  I did try and boot from the DVD drive before, just to make sure, and it wouldn't do it.  Disconnected the old CD and VOILA.  So thanks!  I split the points between rindi and dbrunton.  Rindi is getting to be my hero as I've got two answers on two different questions that proved to be the right ones.
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