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Hello Experts,

I have a company A that took over another company B and now they are deploying new computers in different domain. I have 2 situations and I want to deal with it in a systematic manner based on your recommendations.

1. They are sending me new laptops that will only have base image of windows. I will install all the applications that the user should have like office365, vpn, applications for work. I will need to join it to the new domain first is that correct, after that I will take the user old computer from Company B and I want to do data backup. I would like to know what is the best way to do that backup and transfer it to the new domain.

2. I have users that will keep their existing laptops but I will need to join them to the new domain. What is the best way to do that.

3. As company B will have the same network . Do I need to do anything to the printers? Can the printers operate with 2 print servers one in new domain and one in old domain as we will have both type of users.

4. Also we have scanners in Company B.

5. what else is there that I should take into account in such migration.

I am sorry  I put a lot in this question but you can answer just one question only . I am looking for someone who has done similar moves.
SR ZakNetwork Solutions Asked:
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NVITEnd-user supportCommented:
For 1 and 2... setup of user profiles on new domain, you can use User Profile Wizard at Very reasonable price.

I have used their Transwiz to copy individual profiles to new machines. It has a free version and a paid version that is scriptable for automation. Basically, at the existing station you tell Transwiz to copy the user's profile from the station to an external drive or network share. At the new machine, you tell Transwiz to import the profile to the new domain. It's easy and works great.

You can probably use Transwiz, too. Still, although I have not used User Profile Wizard, that product may be more suited for your purpose. Take a look and see which may fit your need.

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if the hardware is all the same on the base imaged laptops i would install all the software and then create an image off of that to deploy to the other work stations

why cant both of the domains exist?? you can just create a trust between them

there is a program that will let you tie an existing profile into a new one... and it will basically just continue to write to the older one.... ive used it before... its name eludes me right now
FOXActive Directory/Exchange EngineerCommented:
For your scenario in step 1.
a.  Join the new computers to the domain and log the user in so that their profile is created.
b. On the old computers do a start>run the type in Windows Easy Transfer.  You will be prompted for which profile you want to copy user data, and application configurations, etc. from.  You can save this info to a usb or a network share.  Once the  profile copy file is finished you can now open up windows easy transfer on the new computer and import the saved profile configuration that you saved from the old computer.

For scenario 2,
Do those users need to be still joined to their old domain or are they just going to go right on to the new domain.  If they don't need to be on the old domain, disjoin their machines from the old domain by just adding them to a workgroup and then rejoin to the new domain.  If they need their legacy settings from the old domain you can download UserProfileMigrationWizard and it will transfer over their desktop etc. to the new domain login.
NVITEnd-user supportCommented:
3. Printers...

>... company B will have the same network . Do I need to do anything to the printers? Can the printers operate with 2 print servers one in new domain and one in old domain as we will have both type of users.

Do you mean the same printers will serve both domains? If so, you can either create a trust between domains or setup "Internet printing" through the Windows server. See...

Here's a way to deploy printers via group policy:

5. What kind of servers do you have?
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