Find last record in a one to many relationship in vba Access

Hi, I have a QUOTE database with many quotes. Each quote has 1 to many entries in the table QUOTECRM. I need to have a query which will display all quotes (as per QUOTE table) together with the last entry in QUOTECRM. The last entry in QUOTECRM will have the highest CRMID number. Thank you so much for any help! Cheers Michael
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Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)Commented:
what fields from table QUOTE, QUOTECRM do you need to show?
what is the field that link the two table?
Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)Commented:
try this query

select A.*
from quotecrm as A
Inner join (
select, max(quotecrm.crmid) as MaxCrmID
from quotecrm
group by
) As B
On A.ID=B.ID and A.crmid=B.MaxCrmID

save the query as QueryCRM

now create another query using table Quote and QueryCRM with join in field ID

ID is the field that links the two table.

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Below are the explanations of the steps in the code. I should point out that there is an error, because it assumes that there is always a middle name. Look at my comments at the end of each line.

Private Sub cmdInitials_click()

Dim strInput As String, stroutput As String, strFirstName As String, strLastName As String, strMiddleInit As String, str3A As String, str3 As String ', be sure to remove the comma at the end str5 As String
Dim intInput As Integer, sngInput As Single, int3A As Integer, int1 As Integer, int2 As Integer, int3 As Integer, int4 As Integer

' The code assumes that there is always middle name:
' using test name John C. Smith = JCS is correct (13 characters)
' test name John Smith = JSS which is wrong (10 characters)

  strFirstName = Left(txtInput.Value, 1) ' extracts J
  int1 = InStr(txtInput.Value, " ") ' value of the first name length 5 characters (until the space)
  int2 = int1 + 1 ' increments the numeric value for next character position, +1 skips the space following J
  strMiddleInit = Mid(txtInput.Value, int2, 1) ' extracts the 1st character of the middle name from the string C.
  int4 = Len(txtInput.Value) ' length of John C. Smith
  str3A = Mid(txtInput.Value, int2, (int4 - int1)) ' extracts the leftover string starting from the 6th position (13-5) the 8 character length of C. Smith
  int3A = InStr(str3A, " ") ' locates the value of the middle initial length 2 characters (until the space) C.
  strLastName = Mid(str3A, (int3A + 1), 1) ' extracts the 1st character of the last name from the 4th position of C. Smith
  stroutput = UCase(strFirstName) & UCase(strMiddleInit) & UCase(strLastName) ' assembles the initials.
  Me.lblOutPut.Caption = stroutput

End Sub
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Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)Commented:
you seem to have posted on the wrong thread
Yes, I did. This was my first activity here and seems to have lost the question, It included a downloadable db and an explanation of the code was requested.
mpimAuthor Commented:
Thank you so much - worked perfectly!
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