Where can I get Printer driver for Konica Minolta Pagepro 1390mf For Windows 10 32/64bit?

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I am trying to install Konicaa Minolta printer  drivers without any luck , its difficult to get the support, also what type of usb connector I sholud use so that it will work without any problem pls ?
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Always get any drivers directly from the manufacturer:


USB 2 or 1 ports should do fin
The problem is that the PP 1390MF is a GDI printer. These printers rely on Windows' graphics engine to convert the page into dots on the page. As a result they are very sensitive to changes in the OS. As a result, there is a good chance that Windows 8 drivers won't work under Windows 10. KM do not seem to have a driver for Win10 at present.

You can try and use the "Windows Update" button when installing a printer. If you are lucky Microsoft will have a driver you can use.

The printer supports USB 2, so there's no point in wasting a USB 3 port on it. USB 1 will probably slow the printer down too much.


Hi Rindi,
Thank you for the comment, I already tried that before , I still after downloading the drivers available GDI for win8 , whenever I try to download the firm ware from the link you have provided, I get a message the driver is not installed, also a red color mark on the printer it self is showing after I connect using usb , so I still can not figure out what is the problem .
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You should not need to do anything about the firmware. Until you can sort out the driver problem, changing the firmware will only make things harder for you.

And, I always feel that printer firmware should only be updated if it fixes a problem you experience, or if it provides some new feature you require.

From your post it seems that the Win8 driver is not working. That's what I feared in my previous post. And it's one reason why I always suggest paying a little more for a non-GDI printer.


Oh well , what to do now, does that mean there is no solution to this problem ?
About the only thing you can do is to hope that KM will release a WIN10 driver for the printer.

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