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Microsoft Surface RT Tablet Touchscreen not responding.

I am working on a Surface RT Tablet trying to get the touchscreen to work. Device Manager shows issues with the "Surface RT Touch Firmware" and the "I2C HID Device." I have tried multiple restarts, Windows updates, multiple system resets and searching for the drivers online with no success. Assistance is needed.
Jackie ManCommented:
According to a post in Microsoft Community, it says:-

"Tools needed:  usb mouse and keyboard  (you only need the keyboard if you have to type in a password)
The surface rt only has one usb input.  If you need to type a password, plug in the keyboard.  When finished typing, plug in the mouse.  If need, just swap back and forth between the mouse and keyboard.  If you don't have a usb keyboard, you will need to find one or buy one...much cheaper than buying a surface cover (yet I must say that it is worth the money to have the type cover).
 1.  Click desktop from the tiles menu.  
 1a.  Or just start typing Device Manager (search box will automatically pop out) (click device manager and skip to #5)
 2.  Click the folder icon
 3.  Click System Properties next to open control panel
 4.  Click Device Manager in the top left corner of the screen.
 5.  If you have any drivers with a caution sign.  Right click the icon and click uninstall --> but do NOT check the box to delete the drivers from the system. Click ok.  Restart your computer and your touch screen should work.  Mine was (I2C HID Device)"

Source: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/surface/forum/surfwinrt-surfusing/touch-screen-not-working/26ea5e3d-2355-460f-be5e-4a79e90ca3cb?page=9
If the use of an USB keyboard does not help you to resolve the issue, then you have a faulty Surface RT Tablet.
Return it for service under Microsoft warranty or RMA it to the place that sold it.
Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
The scuttlebutt out there is that you need to actually shut it down; possibly several times, and it will fix itself.  Restarting does not reinitialize all of the hardware!

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