Karens Excel that wont stop crashing.

I have a end user that for about the past year has had a ongoing issue with excel 2007.  the problem was worse but I moved all of her documents from the server to her local desktop.  Excel crashes less frequently but non the less it still does.  I have reloaded windows and Microsoft office several times and the problem still persist. All of the event id's are 7001 and list the session lased time and the active time.  application version 12.0.4518.10114.  any input on this issue would be much appreciated.
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MacleanSystem EngineerCommented:
My instant gut feel tells me to replace excising hard drive with an SSD drive, and rebuild windows.
The cost of SSD & rebuild vs the time spend already including lost productivity would be easily justified. I simply suspect she is using resource heavy spreadsheets, and her disk IO is not able to cope with it well. (I see this quite a bit in our client environments)

Alternate idea's are disable all add-ins, and non essential background apps, plus check that she has sufficient RAM etc.
I second the add-in suggestion. I have seen buggy and/or incompatible add-ins cause crashes.

Also, if she uses large, multi-sheet workbooks, make sure she is using 64-bit MS Office.

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Check the PC is OK. Clean out all the dust. Make sure the fans all run smoothly. If there are electrolytic capacitors on the mainboard, take a close look at them for signs of them leaking, cracking or bulging. Test the RAM using memtest86+ and the HD using it's manufacturer's diagnostic Utility. Those tools you will find on the UBCD:

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GalaxyTechServiceAuthor Commented:
I have replaced the HDD with a SSD and still the issue remains.
MacleanSystem EngineerCommented:
What was the solution seeing as the Reinstall onto SSD did not work according to last post?
GalaxyTechServiceAuthor Commented:
it still has a issue with crashing. SSD as all other suggestions has helped over all but the problem still remains. Excel crashes once ever few days and the error log still remains the same.  The only thing that has not been replaced at this point is the mother board.
MacleanSystem EngineerCommented:
And its a full re-install too yes? I'd suggest you run memtest86 on the laptop for a day as well. See if errors are reported after a 24h run. Good luck. Sorry to hear the issue remained.
GalaxyTechServiceAuthor Commented:
I only have remote access to the computer at the moment. Is there a memory test you know of I can run while still logged into windows.  Yes, this is after full reinstall.
No. You have to run memtest86+ exclusively on the PC. Nothing else must be running. A memory tester can only be accurate if it has exclusive access. And it must be memtest86+. Not memtest86 or Windows memory tester or any other. I've found that only memtest86+ supplied results that were reliable. the Other tools often said the RAM was good even if it wasn't.
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