Shared Mailbox access in Office365


We are having issues with Shared Mailboxes. We grant permissions to users but then cannot open the Mailboxes. Scenario's we have are:-

Access is granted. Shared Mailbox can be opened in OWA but not Outlook
Access is granted User A can open the shared mailbox on one PC using Outlook but not another (all updates installed) User B with the same access rights can't open the mailbox on any PC running Outlook.

Error message is "Can't expand folder".

I have found a powershell script that adds the mailbox permission with -automapping $false and in some cases this works but others it doesn't.

Any help will be appreciated
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KimputerIT ManagerCommented:
In Office 365, you need to wait (sometimes even up to 30 minutes) for permissions to apply. Did you wait this long?
With Outlook 2013, don't add the mailbox. Wait for it to appear automatically. (Again, requires a long wait and patience, and sometimes needs an Outlook restart).
gbarnes0990Author Commented:
Kimputer thanks for replying. We have waited days in some cases and still we are unable to access the shared mailbox.
KimputerIT ManagerCommented:
In those cases, I would go to Control Panel > Mail > Create a new Profile. Enter only the user account info. Start this profile, see if those mailboxes appear or not.
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gbarnes0990Author Commented:
Reprofile doesn't fix the issue either
KimputerIT ManagerCommented:
Are you using the web interface to add the permissions? Or Powershell? Either method, can you change to the other method and see if that works better?
If OWA works then I would check where Outlook is connecting to. Have you recently migrated to Office 365?
gbarnes0990Author Commented:
I have tried both powershell and the web portal.

We are int he process of migrating, 50% of mailboxes are done. I was migrated 3 months ago. The problem is happening with brand new shared mailboxes created in the last week and also existing mailboxes migrated in the last few weeks and converted to shared in Office365.

I gave myself access to 4 Shared Mailboxes last night 15 hours ago. I am running Outlook 2013 they haven't automatically appeared. I closed and reopened Outlook and they still haven't appeared. I have just added them manually and they all expand. I need to do more testing.
Could outlook be connecting to old mailboxes?
gbarnes0990Author Commented:
I don't have access normally to shared mailboxes so I shouldn't have any legacy connections. How do I check where Outlook is connecting? I am assuming Tools --> Account Settings etc... if so all the affected users are connecting to Office365 otherwise they wouldn't be able to open Outlook or receive emails right?
gbarnes0990Author Commented:
I also granted access to the shared mailbox for another user running Outlook 2010.

The shared Mailbox appears automatically but cannot be expanded.

We have found a tool from Office365 called Microsoft Office 365 support and recovery assistant. You can run through it and it attempts to fix problems with the shared mailboxes it reprofiles and then you get 2 shared mailboxes added with the same name. The automatic one still doesn't expand but the new one does. At the moment that is our work around but we cannot go to every desk to do this.....
gbarnes0990Author Commented:
After 1/2 a day I am again unable to expand my shared folders. I believe the only way to fix it is to reprofile my Outlook which is obviously not something I want to do.
gbarnes0990Author Commented:
After a long conversation with Microsoft tier 4 support we found out the below information.

If your users are migrated to Office365 using hybrid server they will not be able to access Shared Mailboxes if you create them directly int he cloud. The approved way is below:-

1)      Create a local AD object, sync it to Office 365 and verify that it shows up in Office 365 as a Mail User (EAC->recipients->contacts).

2)      Then execute this command from your local Exchange Server's EMS:
Enable-RemoteMailbox -PrimarySmtpAddress -RemoteRoutingAddress

3)      By doing this there are two actions that will be taken:
-          A RemoteMailbox object will be created in your local Exchange Server
-          A mailbox will be created in Office 365

4)      For creating a shared mailbox, the only extra step is to convert the newly provisioned user mailbox into a shared mailbox in Office 365.

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gbarnes0990Author Commented:
Answer has come directly from Microsoft Tier 4 support after may days and hours on the phone to them.
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