Removing OrphanedVMs from vSphere vCenter

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  I like to know how to remove these orphaned VMs from the host.
  I followed VMWare KB article 1011468 and performed the steps below, but I can't move the VM to the OrphanedVM folder. When I select the orphaned VM and tried to drop it into the OrphanedVM folder, it shows in rRed color. Here are steps that I followed:
To delete an orphaned virtual machine:
Open VMware Infrastructure or vSphere Client and connect to vCenter Server with a user with Administrative rights.
Change the view to the VMs and Templates inventory view.
On the left pane, right-click on vCenter Server, click New Folder and provide an alpha-numeric name to the folder.
Left-click the virtual machine and while holding the left mouse button, drag the virtual machine to the folder created in step 3.
Right-click on the folder, and click Remove. The folder and its contents are deleted.
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if you select the orphaned VM, can you not delete it.


Option to deleteI now see the option to "Remove from Inventory" under "All Virtual Infrastructure Actions".
I don't understand why I did not catch that before posting this question.
It removed the orphaned VM.


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