best mysql version for production server DB under Red hat linux

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We are selecting mysql as production db for our new Health care application roll out. as there are 4 versions available, i need the expert  advise for the best version to select.

MySQL Community Edition  -- free
MySQL Standard  - paid
MySQL Enterprise  - paid
MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade  - paid
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How many servers will you be utilising - more than 1.
Do you plan to implement fail over?
Do you plan to implement clustering?
Do you plan to implement replication?
Will you need 24x7 support if something goes wrong?

It is not a simple question to answer - each of those products cater to a certain segment of the market - we would need to know where you fit in.

Essentially the DB engine is the same across all of them - it is the addons you get with each product and the support that you are paying for.

Here is a comparison chart of what each version offers.
Work through it looking for what you need and take the first product from the left that has all the ticks next to the functions you require.
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Presumably you are developing software to access/store data, you should use the paid version unless you are ok with providing what you develop under the terms of the GPL or the other similarly situated licensing terms of open source .........

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