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Could you clear what must be done for Codeigniter scope a variable correctly?

Hi Experts!

I'm facing a problem related with variable scope in Codeigniter

Controller code:
		public function compraspublicas($ano=false,$mes=false){
			$buscatesteira['buscatesteira'] = $this->home_model->getTesteira(3);
            $data2['title'] = "ICA - COMPRAS PÚBLICAS";
            $quantidade = 10;
            $resultadoIca['resultadoPublicacoes'] = $this->icahome_model->
            //$paginacao['paginacao'] = $this->pagination->create_links();


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Model Code

public function getEditais($id){
            $sql = "SELECT nome_edital FROM tb_editais_orgao";
            $result = $this->db->query($sql);
            return $result;

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View code

<div class="tab" id="tab1" style="display: block;">
      <p>Conteudo da tab1 - Qualquer HTML válido pode preencher</p>
     if (empty($resultadoIca))
          echo 'No momento, não encontram-se cadastrados editais. ';
        echo 'Existem editais. ';
      // This causes errors
      foreach ($resultadoIca as $resultadoIca)

        echo 'Edital';



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The table has values for the query


The variable $resultadoIca is not visible in the view code....

Could you point what could be necessary to that?
(if any other directive is necessary)

Thanks in advance!
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