Old Security Camera - any better Windows viewer than this one - pls see pic

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Anything better than this "netviewer" ? See pic

Bought a new but dated system years ago.

has 8 camera setup but I want to see if I can view via a laptop rather than a screen hooked up to this ..

Can view locally but this software looks so so old

Is there any update software (pref free) that's better than this?
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System Engineer
Have you looked at iSpy? Install it on your laptop, and see if you can connect to the webcam IP's.
From memory this should be possible
What exactly are you looking for? Are you looking to replace your "Old Security Camera"? Or do you want software that is compatible with your old camera? It seems clear that you want 'software', but is that all? What is the camera?


Cheap spurious camera system, no brand name
MacleanSystem Engineer

Does iSpy deliver what you require? Or is it not what you are looking for?

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