Exchange /Outlook: how to notify mailbox X about new mail in mailbox Y?

Vadim Rapp
Vadim Rapp used Ask the Experts™
We have Exchange 2007 with Outlook clients. We have Outlook clients in production cells, where all cell members have access to the computer, logged on with cell-assigned username. Cell leaders also have their own mailboxes, where they may receive confidential emails from HR, management etc. - but the problem is that cell leader is not constantly logged on, he will go to separate room to work with his email.

Is there a way to send notification to the cell workstation whenever cell leader's mailbox has received new email?
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Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution Architect
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You can setup an Exchange transport rule for this.

FOXActive Directory/Exchange Engineer
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If the cell leader is always using mailbox x no matter what , why don't you add mailbox Y to his outlook so that he/she will see when mail comes in.
Because others in the cell are not supposed to see it.
> You can setup an Exchange transport rule for this.
Top Expert 2015
Hi Vadim,

With Exchange 2013 you could use transport rules like incident reports to handle this, however; exchange 2007 doesn't have this level of functionality.

There are also no default rules in Outlook to achieve this.

I would suggest your best bet in this case would be to have an outlook rule on the managers outlook that runs a custom script. This would send an email to notify of an email arrival.

Here's a link on how to use VBA scripts with outlook rules:

And here is a page with some example scripts to start you off.

Sub SendNew(Item As Outlook.MailItem)
Dim objMsg As MailItem
Set objMsg = Application.CreateItem(olMailItem)
objMsg.Subject = "Email for Cell Manager has arrived" 
objMsg.Recipients.Add ""
End Sub

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