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I am looking for a Call center add-on package for Asterisk based phone system. What is provided with the Asterisk based system (Yeastar) that I am looking at is not sufficient.

I am looking for the best solution, and do not mind paying for it.

Some of the requirements that come to mind:

- call recording
- listening to a call (silently, by manager) (
- participating in a call (by manager)
- reporting :  types of call, call answer time, free time, etc.
- Wrap up feature that can be programmed after a call is completed
- Call in queues
- Ability for call center manager to manager and manually assign employee availability when deemed unavailable
-Alerting when incoming calls are not answered in a predetermined time

This is just a sample. I am certain that there are many more features that would enhance Call center solution.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


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