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Building AD from Scratch

We have AD Infrastructure in the company ,m asked to build  AD from the scratch on server 2012 with new domain and then just migrate the OU's . we will have 1 physical DC and  1 Virtual DC  at one  site and One physical DC in other site.We have two main sites distance between them is 2000 miles. Company is about 250-300 users , how would I go about it ?
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Thanks for the quick response Will. already have 2008 AD in environment. Needed to built 2012 AD from scratch with DNS and new domain, then only migrate the OU's. Basically new environment with fresh 2012 AD .
That should not be hard at all then. Glad to help!

I know you already awarded point to this question, but you also mentioned multiple sites as well as VM's.
I have a some questions which were not addressed.

1st: How many hypervisors are you going to run in your environment?

2nd: Are you planning to run Hyper-v as your hypervisor and have this running as a role on your DC?  

3rd: How do the offices connect to each other?

You will need to setup your Sites & Services correctly.
Thank you

One physical Dc and one virtual running on VMware and the other site will have Physical DC too
offices connect through WAN link
Good to hear that

Just make sure you add the subnets and your sites that clients communicate on to Sites & Services. After you do that assign the subnets to the correct site.

This will control how clients communicate with the various DC's. If you do not set this up or set it up incorrectly then it becomes a round-robin call to any one of your DC's.  Being that your sites are 2000 miles apart this can result in slow logins and DNS calls.
Here is a link that will help explain it more and set it up correctly.