MyPassport EXT HDD Crashed w CRC Errors

MyPassport 1Tb drive crashed and wouldn't be recognized by Windows last night.  It came up with CRC errors and I couldn't access the drive at all.  I ran chkdsk /f against the drive multiple times and it finally was bale to be set a Drive letter and I could begin to browse the folders.  It is very very slow and if I browse to fast it goes to not responding and more CRC errors.  All folders/files have a security lock icon next to them so I went into the properties and gave my profile FULL CONTROL which took a very long time as well.

 I am trying to get everything off the drive which is about 600GB of data.  I tried using robocopy but when I build the script it only recognizes 1 folder of about 1GB size and nothing else.  I tried manually copying a big "PICTURES" folder of about 60GB and it starts but hags at "1 hour left" and stayed there all night.  

Any ideas of anything else to do?  PLEASE help I have many family photos on this drive ( when will I learn to backup right)
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Try testing it using the WD Data Lifeguard

Download here:

While you're at it, try the Acronis software and see if you can back up the entire drive to your computer for the time being.

You should always have multiple backups.  If all else failed, you may have to take your WD to a data recovery specialist to recoer the data.

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NVITEnd-user supportCommented:
Also consider GetDataBack
GetDataBack employs a number of approaches to your data, depending on the actual condition of your drive.
Btw, the Acronis for WD is downloadable using the same link above.
check if you can remove the drive from the housing - and connect it directly to a sata cable
Twhite0909Author Commented:
The drive is a 3.0 USB so it would connect the same way.  It is a WD My PAssport 3.0 USB 1 TB drive
what do you mean with the above??
iknow the model - you posted it in your original Q
Twhite0909Author Commented:
LOL NM I found and old SATA to UBS cable and I see how I can accomplish this connection
That will NOT help
i asked you to connect the drive itself to a sata cable - NO USB INVOLVED
you have to crack the case open - and maybe the usb connection is soldered directly to the disk board - but if not - you can connect it to a sta connecter - as i suggested

here you see how to open it - but as i said, on this model - the usb is soldered on the disk board :

in that case  - try HDDRegenerator - not free  :      
it has repaired many drives for me
Bodhi NadlerLead Mac DaddyCommented:
Your hard drive is failing.  You need to stop accessing it and make a sector image of it onto another good working drive.  You will potentially destroy any remaining data if you continue to try to read and run utilities against this failing drive.
and running hddregenerator can help - i've witnessed it many times!
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