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Is there a way to manage Outlook Clients similar to Mobile devices in Exchange 2013?

Controlling access to your mailserver can be a bit of a hassle. We have therefore implemented that only ActiveSync devices (aka Mobile Devices) can connect to our Exchange server(s) from the internet.
Each device requires that access is being granted to the device before proceeding. A relatively simple way to prevent someone random from setting up an e-mail client from an unknown device.
Is there a similar way, and add-on or something that can control Outlook Clients? Since Outlook is not using activesync and is not treated as a mobile device, you cannot manage access AFAIK.

Any ideas?


Bjorn Dirchsen
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We did consider the certificate approach and already have a PKI in place but mobile devices are a bit of a pain to automate certificate enrollment on.
Yes, this is the point....

The task is to separate the two client types. From the router perspective, they just have a MAC address, so the question is to divide them. If you can device them into several networks, the you may control them a bit better.
1.) LAN certificate based authentication for the clients.
Keeps out all foreign computers and all Handys
2.) Wifi Network for Handys with MAC filtering. Other clients kept out
3.) Guest WiFi with no access to exchange.

The hand job here is, that you have to connect the mobile device to the WIFI Router and enable its MAC. But possibly easier than to distribute certs on the handys.