massive amount of emails to be send through the email marketing

Hi Experts

Want to achieve the following:
1. sending a massive amount of emails over a short time period (ie. 75,000 to 100,000 emails in under one day).
2. should be allowed or possible to import 30,000 to 50,000 email contacts at one go or per one import session
3. will subscribe for third party smtp email service provider for this service

Suggestion/Recommendation request  
a)can you please suggest to achieve the above,  is it recommended to setup the infrastructure by procuring the good hard ware server  and install Sugarcrm and with dedicated upstream internet bandwidth 20 to 25 mbps
 b)going for cloud service of dedicated server and setup sugarcrm and configure the third party smtp server so that need not invest on server and huge dedicated bandwidth recurring cost , please let us know the names of cloud service provider to whom I can reach

the reason iam not thinking about the cloud based email marketing solution like constant contact, mailchimp because they do not allow massive email campaigns on one go/same day also very expensive

considerations or limitations: it is accepted by my functional heads on non-opted-in email accounts will make the email delivery to spam but still they are okay with this. can you please suggest on what best I can do here for my company needs

Thanks in advance
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RobOwner (Aidellio)Commented:
The reason that these third party cloud options send out the emails over a longer time period as they would otherwise be marked as spam.

I've used campaignmonitor and they are very good at guiding you through the process of setting up a campaign to send.  It can integrate with SugarCRM amongst others.  The campaigns are template based that make is easy to drag and drop your content.

They've done the hard work so that they give you the best possible chance of getting your marketing material into someone's inbox without having it marked as spam.  When you get marked as spam your servers get blacklisted and then nothing gets through.  That has other implications for your normal day to day emails not getting through to customers.

Given the cost of buying and maintaining your own server versus the cost associated with a cloud based service like campaignmonitor, mailchimp etc is a ROI analysis that you should do.  My gut says a cloud based service will work out cheaper in the long run but that does depend on the resources you have available to maintain a server and the technical heads to keep abreast of what it takes to avoid being marked as spam.

Certainly worth a read from campaignmonitor:
More on Spam:
This is Australian but covers what is classed as spam (and I personally find the cost of someone else reading that worth it!):

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Lesley FoxCommented:
i use a a third party company called ongage for bulk email marketing.

there software uses hybrid email solutions.

the hybrid solution allows email marketers to seamlessly route emails throuth your own on-premise mta as well throuth esps and smtp relays.

for example,you can flexible route your high engaged recipients to your own on-premise mta and less engaged to other channels. in this way you can easily avoid any ip/domain reputation damage on your preferd channel.
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