Both USB and Bluetooth tethering simultaneously turned on

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What happens when both USB and Bluetooth tethering is turned on while connecting android with windows 8.

Does one have precedence over the other or i am connected with both at the same time?

Which one is faster Bluetooth or USB tethering?
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Precedence - Depends on Windows network priority since both connectivity will have adaptor. You can rank your connections by priority too.

Secure - USB tethered connection is hard wired rather than wireless compared to BT tethering (which is via PAN), so it is definitely a more secure, and should be faster. At least visually you see the end to end using your cable - one to one ... length of cable may affect the "speed" but very insignificant for those home user using the shorter one since it would not make sense to have too long for convenience of reach. Wireless connectivity more susceptible to Man in the middle attack which intercept your connection and other from far may also be connecting to you (assuming you are using weak or default password - so do change them. May wan to catch my article on strong passphrase.)

Power and 1-1 vs 1-M - In fact, USB tethering is also sort of charging your phone unlike BT channel (only win over wireless is less power hungry  compared to Wifi). USB drawbacks is mainly it is one to one sharing only but BT is like Wifi hotspot a one to many device to connect to Android. If you go overseas, one local SIM in Android to co-share internet wirelessly with your family may be more economical.

Convenience - USB can be "clumsy" since you need to find some spare USB port on the notebk which if using hub may not be optimal if port is running low (even you wireless mouse already take up on usb slot) for slim type. Wireless normally fared better hence BT or Wifi is preferred

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