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Hi there,
I am running SCCM2012 R2 CU3 with my deployment folder on C as well on this SCCM2012 R2 CU3 under C drive the folder SCCMContentLib is getting about 362GB in size
it has 3 folders FileLib(362GB), DataLib(24MB, and PkgLib(312KB).  The FIleLib folder has:
3Files and many folders.  THe 3 files are:
TD81C0000A = 44GB
TE4140000A = 20GB
T841B0000A = 17.8GB

3C42 = 45GB
F0F1 = 45GB
6900 = 44GB
3D2D = 36GB
D3E2 = 21GB  and so on.

I am trying to create some free space on my SCCM 2012 as it is covering more than 1TB.  Can I delete the folders and files above? or what am I looking for to delete them securely not interefering with my SCCM2012 system.  
My deployments have stopped working clearly I have no space on my C drive.  Need help.
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Your hidden swap (page file) is a great place to start.  Move it to the "D" drive -- or any place other than "C" and reboot.

Then start uninstalling things you don't need, it all adds up, from language packs to screen savers.   Look at the services that are running and uninstall things you don't need/use.  There is always a lot of useless bloat.   Get rid of it.
I guess to clean up these folders, you have to remove the associated deployments. If theses are just the standard deployments, you should leave them there, So only inspect your own deployments what maybe obsolete.

As SCCM updates may create new deployment packages, you ma thing about a reorganization of your drive as you will need more space in the future anyway.

Beside here a usual rule, never put dynamic data on the same disc like the OS.
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First of all do NOT delete anything in those folders and do NOT uninstall anything. Doing either will make your problems worse, not better. The advice above is fine for a home PC but it ends there.

The directory you found the big files in is SCCMContentLib (known as the Content Library) which is SCCM's (ConfigMgr) special folder called the Content Library. Note it is where it puts the things you deploy and is not to be tinkered with unless you like angry customers/bosses.

As you have noticed ConfigMgr uses lots of disk space. Install it onto a machine with just one or two disks will not make it happy. You need to somehow add more disks. The ideal setup is something like this:

OS    100GB or more
CM  Install      100GB
Content Library    1TB
Source files            1TB
SQL                         250GB fastest disks you can find

Note ConfigMgr will always use the disk with the most free space, so when you add new disks you have to stop it doing that immediately. To do this you put an empty file named no_sms_on_drive.sms in the root. Put one on your C drive first and then copy it to any other volumes you DON'T want ConfigMgr to touch.

Finally, when you've got your new disks in the machine you need to download the latest toolkit for ConfigMgr from Microsoft.

System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager Toolkit

This was updated last week :).

The good news is it includes a command line tool to do exactly what you need: move the Content Library to a new drive. Note it will also merge libraries for you. To use it type:

   ContentLibraryTransfer.exe -SourceDrive C -TargetDrive F

Final note, uninstalling software or stopping services on a ConfigMgr server is a bad, bad idea. Don't.

Read up on the content library so you know more about it here:


amanzoorNetwork infrastructure Admin


Thanks Guys,
I will see if I can create another D drive and move my big folders there.

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