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Is there a way to "copy" the security information when upgrading a FM solution with an fmp12 swap out ?

We have V 14 of our solutions and want to upgrade the users to V15...

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The way that I've handled this is through a table of users and a set of scripts that creates the user accounts after the fact. The passwords are stored in the table but are encrypted. In the past I've used the Blowfish encryption plugin but since it is no longer be actively supported and there is not likely to be a 64-bit version, I'm switching over to use the AES encryption in the free BaseElements plugin.

So, use a table for all your users - which is useful in a number of ways including capturing things like email notification address and preferred Zoom percentage - and encrypt there passwords. Import the table into your v15 version and then script the creation of the accounts. Alternately, don't capture the passwords, just the user names and during the import and account creation process set everyone's password to their username (or some default password) and then have them change it on first login. At that point you can capture and encrypt it or not as you choose.

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