Event ID 1039 warnings in Event Viewer after update

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After installing the latest November windows updates to my WIN7PRO64 machine, I got many warnings 1039 in the event viewer. All read like this "Product: Microsoft Office Single Image 2010. The application tried to modify a protected Windows registry key \Software\Classes\CLSID\{25336920-03F9-11CF-8FD0-00AA00686F13}\InprocServer32." Three quarters mentioned Office Single Image 2010, a quarter were similar but the product was Visio. They were the only two update that generated warnings -- 32 warnings.

I checked immediately to see if the updates had in fact been installed. They were, all listed as successful. I ran windows update again to see if some or all of the updates would reappear, and they do not. The computer seems to be running fine.  Then I went back in time in the event viewer and found the same warnings for the last three or four times windows issued updates to Office products. Same warning message with each group of updates. All of which were successfully installed.

Anyone know why I get these warnings after every update install?
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normanml --
Are you sure this was an "Event ID" ?.  They are specific to the Event ID site


Yes, I'm sure. It was in Administrative Events.

Event ID capture

 And the site was of little help. Been there before.
Bradley DorranceHelp Desk Analyst

Office Single Image is the free trial that comes pre-loaded as part of the normal bloatware in most OEM Windows installations. Simply put, you may be getting a licensing problem that requires some housekeeping in Windows.

Try this page for handy Fix-It tools.
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Bradley write:
you may be getting a licensing problem that requires some housekeeping in Windows.
. Can you be more specific. The link you supplied call for an uninstall of office. Can you tell me what housekeeping I should be doing in windows to fix a licensing problem. Thanks.
Help Desk Analyst
Here's my working theory:

If there are still registry entries or programs from the OEM trial on the computer, and Windows Update attempts to patch the office suite, this might cause the warnings you're seeing, especially if you have a retail version of any Office 2010 applications on the same computer.

If I'm right, scrubbing and reinstalling Office using the tools I recommended should resolve the MSI issue you're seeing.


Thanks for the help.

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