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Windows 10 - Search icon has gone missing from taskbar

Hi Experts,

I installed Windows 10 a few days ago.

When first installed there was a Search icon on the taskbar that let me find applications etc.
Now it's been replaced by the Cortana icon.

How can I restore the Search icon to the taskbar (and keep the Cortana icon)?

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Are you able to rightclick the task bar, choose search and unhide the search icon?
I say lose the Windows 10 default start button, and replace it with a real start menu instead:
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Hi RantCan,

My taskbar properties look like this, but instead of "Search", mine has "Cortana".

Is there some way I can find the Search app, then I can pin it to the taskbar?

From your screenshot, choose search and then "Show search icon", right?
Hi RantCan,

Sorry, my taskbar properties does not include "Search", but has "Cortana".
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When you see Cortana, do you see this?  And can you turn Cortana Off (if you do not want it)?

User generated image
Also, right click on the Taskbar and click Unlock the Taskbar.

Put your mouse beside one of the icons and drag right. See if you can bring the icon you want back into view.
I had not realized until now that I could type text into the box at the bottom of Cortana.
It is giving the same results as Search did previously.

Thanks to the other contributors.