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RV042G Gigabit Dual WAN VPN Router error when saving Upnp list


When I click the Save button after adding an item to the upnp list the page returns an  error.  Therefore I am unable to add more items to that list.  I use that port forwarding method for remote desktop.

I've tried different browsers and also I have upgraded the firmware on the device to the most current version. I'd rather not replace this device because other than this it seems to be working fine.  

Does anyone know if there is any limitation on numbers of items in this list?  In the past I have used dd-wrt for this and it would build up some type of cache data that would prevent me from modifying or even seeing the port forwarding list (where the external and internal ports are different).  Does this firewall have something similar and if so is there a way to clear it?

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