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Dear All

I hope you might be able to assist me, I had a user delete an entire folder by mistake today over the network form a shared drove on the network. Unfortunately I only back up every 12 hours so a days works was lost as it wasn't in either recycle bin, I want to know if it is possible at the route for the folder to stop all users from deleting folders or what would be best practice?

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Yes you can set permissions that would deny users delete rights(including rename)
Your best is to quickly run undelete/getdataback or use test-disk to see which files it can see and restore to a different location what can be restored.

How is the share deployed domain based share or server based shared, in a domain based shared, if you configured shadow copies, you might be able to restore the folder/files from that snapshot.

Time sensitive you should have already ran the undelete/recoveryon the server where the share resides......


The share is on a domain, permission I will worry about later but you mention undelete/getdataback is that a feature or is that software your suggesting?

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Hello Alex,

Here is a link for you that you might consider for future use in case something like this happens again:

I have not used this software but I am considering purchasing it.
Just an FYI

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It is software that needs to Be run on the server as soon as possible to avoid data loss following new writes overwrites the space where the files were.
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from my understanding I would Undelete needed to be running before the delete happened. It then creates check points and you can recover from there. I did not think it would work after the the user has deleted something.

Another thing, I would not be using the "Deny" permissions. You can go into the Advanced Security options and and remove the "Delete" permission. This would be a better method then using "Deny". Deny is the most restrictive permission and I would avoid using this method anywhere when it comes to NTFS permissions.


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