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Get user to pick their name in a combobox, but just set set variable, NOT change table

I have a database that will sometimes be used by different interns all with the same username on the computer.  It is not possible to give them each a login/account.  SO I have a table of interns with their start date, end date, and whether they have "admin" rights to the database.  I have a query that returns all active interns (i.e. the end date is null)

I have a form that displays the query results, and asks the interns to pick their name from the list.  That will allow me to set a global variable for putting into tables later, and also to allow/disallow access to other forms based on who they are.  It is of course up to them to select themselves from the combo box.

I have it close, but selecting from the combo box puts the selected values into the "Intern" table that the query is based on.  How do I just just the combobox to list the active interns, with the sole purpose to get their name and lookup their rights form another table?

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