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How to link a href when using CodeIgniter's $this->table->add_row ?

Hi Experts!

Could you point how to link a href  in this structure by using CodeIgniter?

<?php if (! defined('BASEPATH')) exit('No direct script access allowed');
	           echo "<div class='form-group-ppais'>	
			<div class='tabela_ppais'>";
                		echo 'No momento, não encontram-se cadastrados editais PPAIS. ';
                		$table = array (
					                    'table_open'          => '<table class="table table-hover" name="procurarnoticia" id="procurarnoticia">',
					                    'table_close'         => '</table>'
                    $this->table->set_heading('Chamada', 'Org&atilde;o','Abertura', 'Fechamento');
                    foreach($resultadoIcaEncerrados as $linha){
                        $this->table->add_row($linha->nome_orgao, $linha->nome_programa, $linha->dt_abertura, $linha->dt_fechamento);
					 echo $this->table->generate();
					//echo "<br/><a class='btn btn-primary'  href='";echo base_url("acesso_usuarios/procurarAcessosPorData");echo "'>Voltar</a>";


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What I need is that  the column represented by:

 $linha->nome programa

have this link:

           echo "<a  href='";
              echo base_url("arquivos/ica/chamadas/".$pasta."/$edital")."'";;
              echo ' target="_blank"';
              echo ">";echo($resultadoIca->nome_orgao);

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Thanks in advance!
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