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How to convert ounces

I have a report that lists a patient Height and weight as the following:

HeightInFeet      HeightInInches      WeightinPounds  Weight in Ounces
      5                       10.0000000        156.0000000         6.4000000

I converted the inches as :  CONVERT(decimal(2,0),AVO.HeightInInches,101) as 'Inches',
I converted the Pounds as:  CONVERT (Decimal(3,0),AVO.WeightInPounds,101) as 'Pounds',
and I converted the ounces as:  CONVERT (DECIMAL(2,0),AVO.WeightInOunces,101) AS 'Ounces'

The Inches and ounces come out correctly but the Pounds does not,  Can you see what I am doing wrong,

I would like it to read:  
HeightIn Feet   HeightInInches      WeightinPounds  Weight in Ounces
5                          10                            156                         6.4

Microsoft SQL Server

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