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I have an exchange 2003 server where the data drive has been all used up and the stores have been dismounted. I have deleted files on the drive to give it about 3GB of space but am worried it will fill up fast and I wont be able to recover any more data. What can I do to reduce the size of the databases? With the retention of mailboxes after they have been deleted how can I recover data space.
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Tej Pratap Shukla ~DexterServer Administrator
                     It is a common issue to handle the lowering of disk space in Exchange Server. It needs to be maintained for the proper mail flow and other functions.
Below mentioned tricks can help.
1. Offline disk defragmentation of the disk can free the disk space and saves the data  in a proper manner there by increasing the speedy retrieval.
2. Back-up data in external hard drive so as to increase the disk space of the main drive.

Database checksumming
Page patching
Page zeroing
Dumpster cleanup
Public folder expiry
Deleted mailbox cleanup

can also serve the purpose to some extent.
Iradat SiddiquiManager Operations

Please let us know apart from the exchange DB's what else is occupying the disk space, to clear space in exchange DB follow this....
TimSr. System Admin


I will follow your suggestions and see what I can do. The disk space I have available is 3.25GB out of 406GB. I don't think I have enough free disk space avaliable to do the offline defrag. I have deleting old mailboxes and terminated users but the size never really goes down. I have set retention to 0 for both deleted files and mailboxes and still no free space recovered but I don't think it will recover that space until I do the Offline defrag. I think.

In order to get the mail box stores up an running I deleted about 3.5GB from that drive which was reinstall disks but if that drive fills up again I will have nothing to delete and then I will be dead in the water.

What alternatives do i have. I contemplated going and getting an external drive and moving each store to that drive then defaging that store then placing it back on the main drive but don't know if that would work or if I am playing with Fire.

Manager Operations
Please move the DB to other disks and do the offline defrag....

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