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Blackberry Quarantined Invalid SIM check your data service plan

Hi Everyone,

We are using a BB 10.2 connected to a Exchnage Server 2007 .

Some users travel to to South America  and after a ocuple of day they rfeceive a alert and stop to receive data.

The alert shown ios  " DEVICE HAS BEEN QUAERANTINED" and in the compliance state  "SIM is Invalid. Chck your service plan.

I m thinking is a problem with the roaming agreement between our swiss provider and  southamerican telephony companies but I wondering if is related with we stop to used Blackberry services in BB10 beacuse is not necesary  anymore.

Is posiblke that the problem is only with the local provide or I can check something in our BBServer for a options to dis-quarantined .

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