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Visio 2013: Create a zig-zag shaped connector

I am looking at how to create a connector in Visio that is a Zig-Zag shape and can act as a connector i.e stretch and connect to objects WHILST keeping it's shape.

I have tried creating my own ZigZag with 3 lines and then editing the ShapeSheet to make it routable but that loses the 'Z' shape.

The purpose is to create an 'interrupt connector' for a UML diagram.

Can anyone give me an idea how to do this ?
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8/22/2022 - Mon
Scott Helmers

A custom line pattern should do what you need, I think. Here are several excellent resources on the subject:

From John Goldsmith:

Chris Roth refers to John's articles and then adds his own twist:

Scott thanks for the quick response. As comprehensive as these articles are they do not answer my need.

I need to create a new connector (not just a custom line or custom shape) which takes the form not of a straight, curved or right-angle line but a zig zag. Looking through these articles I see nothing that covers this.  

If I have missed something then please quote me an extract and let me know. Otherwise - any other ideas ?
Scott Helmers

I thought one of those patterns or the ideas behind them might work. However, I see what you mean now. I don't have time to experiment at the moment, but perhaps someone else will jump in.
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James Murphy

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Scott Helmers

Excellent -- please award yourself the points for answering your own question!

And thanks for posting the specific steps that you used to create your custom pattern because that will be helpful for other people.

Yes I thought after all the hassle I had finding out a) I would record it to remind myself in the future and b) i would save someone else the headache (if they find the post).

Would that I could award myself points ! :)
Scott Helmers

FWIW, I just stumbled across a shape with properties similar to what you are looking for: check the Comm-link master in the Network and Peripherals stencil. It might give you some additional ideas.
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Thanks Scott. Yes I did look at this one but I don't want an actual lightning bolt. The UML specification states an 'interruption edge' should be a zig-zag line. I wanted a connector between shapes - not another shape.

At a pinch you could use this shape and adjust the height so it's almost a line but it still not ideal.

Another disadvantage however to using a shape is that you cannot format to add an arrow to one end to show the program flow - which is the whole point in a flow diagram.

Cheers anyway.

This was the only answer.