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Office 2007 and Sharepoint 2013 wrong user

A user of mine was prompted to login to Office 365/SharePoint when I was out. It wouldn't take her info so another user logged in for her. However, the Office 365 account still shows as the correct user. So when the user tries to access her e-mail or edits a document through the Excel/Word Online option it shows as modified by the correct user. If she opens the document in Office 2007 from the Document library, however, it shows the incorrect user.

So I believe the account is wrong on the Office side. But unlike Office 2010 and newer this is no obvious account field that I can log her out of office and back in. So it's like she's stuck in the wrong user. I checked the Windows credentials but none are listed. Is there a way I can force Office to forget the account it's associated with so I can re-login the correct user?
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