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I have a medical client with multiple workstations and they all access the same website. One workstation cannot access some of the logon pages to one of the websites via any browser, but all other workstations can. I have reset IE, I have repaired the registry, I have deleted all temp system and internet files. I am at a loss. Any suggestions?
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Try pinging the website from the computer in question and see if it resolves to the same IP address as when you ping it from a computer that works.

If it does not, you have a DNS problem. It is possible that you have malware or a trojan on that computer that has hijacked the DNS.


@strung. Thank you for your quick response. I should have mentioned that I did a scan for malware/viruses and everything reports clean.
Okay. But you still need to do the pings and see if they resolve to the same IP. You could also try running tracert on both computers.
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Are all computers on the same site? Do they use the same network connections?

You might check the network settings to see if the good and bad computers are using the same DNS server.


@strung. Yes, all systems use the same network..they are all at the same site. I will check the network settings and ping tests and report back. Thanks again.
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check the antivirus try to disable AV and test
check the firewall
check the DNS
Is the website they are trying to access an external website or one on the local LAN?

One long shot is to check to see whether the host file on the computer in question has been modified and might be blocking the website:


@strung - for some reason the workstation was reporting a public network rather than private network. As soon as I corrected the network type, everything started working again. Thanks for the help.

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