Server 2012R2 IPv6 Ping Instaed of 4

Robert Janics Jr M.C.P
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I have sbs2011, and I'm migrating it to 2 servers one dc and one exchange. The new servers are 2012r2 I have them up and running. My question is that when I ping the new server it returns ipv6 address instead of IPV4. if I do ping host -4 it returns the correct ipv4 address. Will this cause an issue?
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Network and Security Consultant
I have run into this myself, I believe it's related to the fact that in the more recent versions of Windows ipv6 takes precedence over ipv4.

That being said I have never found it to cause any actual issue with an application or service, as you stated above when you use -4 it returns the ipv4 address so ipv4 is working just fine.

You may be able to keep this from happening by going into the network adapter and removing ipv6 but unless you are experiencing actual issues I wouldn't bother.
Robert Janics Jr M.C.PSystem Administrator


on the exchange server I need to keep ipv6 running though correct
Tyler BrooksNetwork and Security Consultant

Yes you do.

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