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How can I tell what a user is doing when logged onto the network? Is there a set of logs I can view, by user, that would show when they log onto the network and what apps they are in and how long they are in the apps?  The main thing I want to see is what they are doing. We have "work from home" employees and I think one of them is working a lot less than they say.  The main applications they use are Outlook and Internet Explorer where IE11 is being used to access our business application. I can have our programmer write an app that logs their activity in our business app, but before I have him do that I thought I would ask you guys if SBS 2008 has a set of logs that would tell me what I want to know.
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isnt that a bit invasive?
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Having your web guy create a custom log / script to monitor his activity on your business application is probably a good thing.  Things to be wary of though is that it will need to be able to determine when the user is being idle opposed to just taking some time to 'read' something.

With regards to outlook, Exchange can give you a log of emails that he has sent and received.  This can be done through the Exchange Tracking Logs.

Another option is installing some monitoring application onto the PC. I've used these in the past and its efficient.

The above software should only be installed if your company owns the PC he is using from home.  If he doesn't then its out of the question.

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