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Hello Ee ,

My company is an application service provider . We have a very large custom product suite spanning dozens of server vm instances . Last count was over 1000 config files that are needed to be managed and reapplied during software updates. What is the best product suite to manage these configuration files. We are also microsoft shop , and would like to get some feedback on system center configuration manager . Would this be ideal for custom config files ? I am open to other solutions as well.
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My suggestion would be Microsoft System Center.  You could also create Group Policy to push the files via scripts.  The cheapest way would a GPO which would call a script.  You could create your script such as that it checks for a specific file (i.e. check file which could be version number of deployment) and based on that, config files will be deployed.  Script could look such as below:

echo off
if exist c:\version40.txt goto end
xcopy source\file1.ext to destination /y
xcopy source\file2.ext to destination /y
xcopy source\filen.ext to destination /y
xcopy source\version40.txt c:\


 Your GPO will be a computer policy and it will make the changes on a computer logon (i.e. reboot)

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