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We register google api and want to use and display google map like below website.

Above website generates html codes and we do not want it. We want to use our own API to generate the map that look exactly like their map that included business name, city and state, rate, direction, and save button.

Do you know how can I do that?
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I'm not to understand your need ..

Check this for custom map

Maybe OpenStreetMap is more flexible for your project
They are using:

For getting places and locations in map.

You can use the same way, google have provided various UI examples to illustrate this.

But have some UI changes to create that site.


Please show me your solutions in codes if possible
Here 1
Here 2 - All codes are included.

On left side bar of 2nd URL, under Places API, there are lot of options which you and see which way you can build your own webpage for finding out places.

Try it!


Both links do not have the codes to achieve what I need. Please read my primary question

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