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NTFS Permissions Server 2008


I have a File server with a share and I'd like to understand the best approach to set Share and NTFS permissions.

Share Test Folder
- SubFolder1
- SubFolder2
- SubFolder3
- SubFolder4
        - Folder4 (Inside SubFolder4)

Let's say I have a group called 'test' with user1 and user2. This group has Read & Execute for Share test folder, however I want User 1 to have modify permissions to just SubFolder2 but nothing else. Now let's say I want User2 to have only FULL control to a folder within SubFolder4 called Folder4, however access to nothing else. How would I set permissions to satisfy this request? What if I have a user part of the TEST group but also has FULL control of root Share test folder, what access would this user have?

Thanks so much and I hope this makes sense.

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Great info! What is the least privileged perms that will allow a user to save and edit? User currently has Read & Execute and apparently not able to do much. I do not want to set more then what the user needs.
Modify permissions are the least permissions needed for save and edit.
Ok I attempted to directly set Modify perms on the sub folder of a share and I have Include inheritable permissions from this object's parent. I have other users that this applies to and all have read & execute perms. IF I uncheck this wont this affect all my other users? I just want to set modify to this specific user on this subfolder. Note: This user will have Read & execute for share folder for which the sub folder is located in.
Are you setting the permissions under the advanced option?

If you uncheck the box, in the advance dialog, it will ask you to copy permissions or remove them. This can get quite complicated without knowing where you are doing it.
yes I am.