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PSU Amp/Watts Power Output.

Hi Experts,

I am looking for someone who is good with electronics, watts, amps etc.
I am connecting a PSU 850w to some electronics for a project (not PC based).
the PSU is a standard PC PSU for a ATX board.

this is my question:

if I took all the power cables from the +12v DC output I would get 780W at 65A MAX.
if I took all the power cables from all the outputs, this includes any other rails. so lets say the +5v 20A 150W and the +3.3V 24A 150W were also attached to my electronics. what would the outcome be? more power, more amps, more wats? or if by adding the lower amount in do I actually decrease the power? amps? watts?

I think I am making things clear.

my electronics are going to try and pull through around 600W and 50A at +12V DC so I want to know if my best bet is to attach all the Red cables coming out for power or attach only the red cables coming from the 1 rail +12V 65A 780W.

hopefully someone here can help!

additional info: the electronics being plugged into it will be speakers and an amp. I had the system setup and working with a 300W psu at 20A but the whole thing popped after using it for 10 mins. could not cope with that much power trying to be pulled through it. so obviously whatever way I decide to connect the new one up, I need to make sure im getting the most current, most cables, most everything to my Amplifier!
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