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How to print blank report

I have created a report with multiple subreports.  The user wants to print a blank report to fill in the information with the client, in report view I can see everything but print preview is blank.  The subreports are in the Detail section
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Jeffrey Coachman
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I'm confused...
You say you want a blank report, ...yet you say that Print Preview is already blank?
So what exactly do you have now, and what exactly do you need help with accomplishing?

With things like this, it is sometimes quicker to simply post a sample database and a clear graphical example of the exact output you are seeking
(especially with designs involving multiple sub reports)

You can certainly make the source for the report a "Blank" record,
...or even just create a "Graphical" report (one with no records behind it)

...bit we need to know a bit more about your current system
This is where the sample db will save us a lot of time.

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The database is blank at the moment the user will be meeting with the client and would like to have a blank report to review with the client and fill in the information.  I've attached what I get in Print Preview for the blank database and then what I'd like to print I created a dummy number.  I'd like to print without having to create the dummy number

Thanks for your time and help
Again,...a sample of the DB would be a lot easier to work with...
It is still not clear how your report is designed...

Again, there are a few different way you could go about this...
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Scott McDaniel (EE MVE )
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Thanks you for your help, I will go ahead an add Blank record in the Form so the report can be printed.
Or create a new dataset of "select ' ' as myBlank; " and use that as the datasource, putting that one field in any field.
Not sure why you awarded this a B grade - the answer was fairly complete, and you did not ask for additional help.
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It was an A I just hit the wrong button

Thanks for your guidance