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Embedding Barcodes into various documents and reports

We have for several years been using a product by Wasp Barcode (waspbarcode.com) named Wasp Fontware.  It has enabled us to generate Word, Excel, Crystal Reports and Access Forms and Reports with barcodes embedded by selecting the proper fonts.  This has been, until now, primarily Office 2000 programs with O/S WinXP Pro and a few Crystal Reports.

We are now upgrading our WinXP computers to Win7 Pro and Office suite to 2007.  However, the Fontware will not install.  Wasp advises us that Microsoft made some significant changes to Win7 that prevents the Fontware from installing/running and they do not intend to or are not able to update the program for Win7.

I am looking for alternatives that others may be using that provide this functionality.

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Joe Winograd

8/22/2022 - Mon