Odd results from Word List Merge from Excel Data

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I'm generating a data set in Excel using Power Query.
The query returns a Balance Due column.

When I use a list merge in Word querying data from the Excel sheet, I get the following anomaly in the results:

Excel                           Word
42.33                           42.329999999999998
11.84                           11.84
26.62                           26.620000000000001

So, the way values are interpreted is incorrect.  

If I increase the decimal display in excel, it has no affect.
As a test, I performed a Copy and Paste Special Values
and got the same results.

I will try to get sample files.  However, the Power Query refers to my own folder structure and I also will have to delete personal information before sending it on.

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.
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Excel does not have data types, in regular ranges -- so what you are seeing is double precision numbers, which are not exact.  In Excel, you can try wrapping equations with ROUND -- it that does not do it, let us know ... more ideas ...
=Round(expression, number-of-digits)

Open in new window

Select Alt+F9. This should reveal your field codes. It will look something like this:

{MERGEFIELD "Number_Data"}

Change it to {MERGEFIELD "Number_Data" \ ##.##}

Select Alt+F9 again to hide the code again

Does word recognize numeric versus text in a list merge?
Thank you!!!!

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