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How can I get my ricoh copier to scan to a shared folder on a different subnet?

As is usual, I'm in over my head.

We have two subnets. They meet at the Sonicwall which allows all normal traffic through - as far as I know.
We have a new Ricoh scanner that scans to shared folders on its subnet without any problems.
However, I haven't been able to get it to scan to folders on the neighboring subnet.
Is there a way to do this?
The computers are all Windows computers, Win 7 and a Small Business Server.
There is a place on the Ricoh interface for a username and password, but  none of the combinations that I have tried do any good.
Is there a way to place the login information into the \\address?
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8/22/2022 - Mon
Don Thomson

If you are using DHCP  for all your Workstations, printers etc, It could be a problem.

Somehow you need to change the Subnet mask to  If the Printer/scanner is using a dynamic ip change it to a static ip and use the

Hi DTHConsulting,
Thanks for your quick response! We have DHCP enabled on each subnet, but most of the computers and switches and printers etc. addresses are static. The Ricoh is on a static address as well. I wonder how making the larger subnet will help. Right now, each subnet is /24. If I change the Ricoh's subnet to /16, won't it then be on a different subnet than everything else in that building? How will it still talk to the other devices on that subnet? Would I have to make that whole subnet /16?
Thanks, B.
Don Thomson

If for example your ip is 192.168.1.x  with a subnet of  then you can only reach other ips that range from  to   - In this case, your gateway would need to be in the same range of x.x.x1 - 254

If however your same ip uses a subnet of  then you can address ips in the range
of  to  

If you don't want some device (Workstation or other network device to be connected outside it's own subnet then on those devices use the

For those devices that need to span more than 1 internal subnet use the
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William Peck

DTHConsulting, Thanks. I understand what you are saying better now. I could have "supernetted" the first subnet and used a larger set of addresses. For instance, I could have had 510 addresses if I had used and this problem would not have occurred. I was using the firewall to route between the subnets and it was all working fine until we got the Ricoh copier/scanner. That would work, but it would take a lot of scurrying around to implement, and we have some business application hardware that won't let us mess with the subnets for security reasons.

I had asked them because I like the simplicity of "supernetting" if you have time and the ability to go to each machine and reset its subnet mask, but I chose this route, using two subnets, because it cleanly separates the buildings etc. and the Business Application people said, "No."

So far, I don't know if the problem is just associated with this scanner, or if something else is coming into play.

Thanks again, B.
Imal Upalakshitha

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I knew that couldn't be right because the factory rep had set-up the printer/scanner/copier.
However, when I looked more closely, there was a slight error in the gateway address.
Your solution was spot-on.
Thanks again,