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Can I turn off chunking for a specific file when using rsync?

We are using rsync to backup ownCloud directories to an offsite backup. This morning, the log showed that it was "chunking" sales15.dbf in the cache directory.

My client is complaining that after this happened, his original file is peppered with problems. That would make sense given the fact that rsync can transfer only deltas.

I see two problems with his diagnosis, but I'm not ready to discount them yet. Those problems are:

1. Only the copy of this file in the cache directory was chunked. He doesn't have access to or work with the cached directory version. Only the version under the files/ directory. (This is an ownCloud function / feature).
2. rsync should only be READING the source file, not making any changes. If chunking were to break the file, then I would expect it would be broken on the other end, and we wouldn't notice it until we restore the file from a backup.

The command we're using is:

     rsync -avhu --progress --log-file=/tmp/sync.log -i -e ssh remote.server.ip.address:/mnt/raid/* /mnt/raid/

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This command is being executed from the remote backup server, which "goes and gets" the files that need to be backed up using the -e ssh.

No other files appear to have any problem. Only this (very old) database format from Lotus Approach, which is a circa 1999 program. (they are upgrading to newer technology, but for now, this is what we've got.)

Relevant log file excerpt:
     2015/12/02 23:00:02 [30109] receiving file list
     2015/12/02 23:00:12 [30111] .d..t...... nfs-share/data/admin/cache/
     2015/12/02 23:00:27 [30111] >f+++++++++ nfs-share/data/admin/cache/sales15.dbf-chunking-3206948793-0
     2015/12/02 23:00:41 [30111] >f+++++++++ nfs-share/data/admin/cache/sales15.dbf-chunking-3206948793-1
     2015/12/02 23:00:55 [30111] >f+++++++++ nfs-share/data/admin/cache/sales15.dbf-chunking-3206952731-0
     2015/12/02 23:01:13 [30111] >f+++++++++ nfs-share/data/admin/cache/sales15.dbf-chunking-3206952731-1
     2015/12/02 23:01:29 [30111] >f+++++++++ nfs-share/data/admin/cache/sales15.dbf-chunking-3206958804-0
     2015/12/02 23:01:44 [30111] >f+++++++++ nfs-share/data/admin/cache/sales15.dbf-chunking-3206958804-1
     2015/12/02 23:01:59 [30111] >f+++++++++ nfs-share/data/admin/cache/sales15.dbf-chunking-3206960595-0
     2015/12/02 23:02:13 [30111] >f+++++++++ nfs-share/data/admin/cache/sales15.dbf-chunking-3206960595-1
     2015/12/02 23:02:29 [30111] >f+++++++++ nfs-share/data/admin/cache/sales15.dbf-chunking-3475249082-0
     2015/12/02 23:02:45 [30111] >f+++++++++ nfs-share/data/admin/cache/sales15.dbf-chunking-3475249082-1
     2015/12/02 23:03:00 [30111] >f+++++++++ nfs-share/data/admin/cache/sales15.dbf-chunking-3475256567-0
     2015/12/02 23:03:17 [30111] >f+++++++++ nfs-share/data/admin/cache/sales15.dbf-chunking-3475256567-1
     2015/12/02 23:03:32 [30111] >f+++++++++ nfs-share/data/admin/cache/sales15.dbf-chunking-3475271482-0
     2015/12/02 23:03:47 [30111] >f+++++++++ nfs-share/data/admin/cache/sales15.dbf-chunking-3475271482-1
     2015/12/02 23:03:48 [30111] .d..t...... nfs-share/data/admin/files/SDrive/
     2015/12/02 23:03:49 [30111] >f.st...... nfs-share/data/admin/files/SDrive/SALES15.APR
     2015/12/02 23:03:49 [30111] >f..t...... nfs-share/data/admin/files/SDrive/sales13.ADX
     2015/12/02 23:03:49 [30111] >f..t...... nfs-share/data/admin/files/SDrive/sales14.ADX
     2015/12/02 23:03:50 [30111] >f.st...... nfs-share/data/admin/files/SDrive/sales15.ADX
     2015/12/02 23:03:55 [30111] >f.st...... nfs-share/data/admin/files/SDrive/sales15.dbf

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