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Subreport or multiple data sets?

Hi guys, the title says it all really. I have a main query which returns 5 Input Groups, each input group can have multiple Voting Groups, each voting group can have multiple Voting Setpoints and each Voting Setpoint can have multiple Inputs. Should I use reports inside reports inside reports, or can i achieve this with a main report and multiple datasets in some way?  Obviously I don't want blank areas where (for example) Set points do not exist So you have Input Group > Voting Group > Inputs

An example structure could be:

- Input Group 1
      - Voting Group 1
            - Voting Setpoint 1
                    - Input ID's
             - Voting Setpoint 2
      - Voting Group 2
- Input Group 2

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Mike McCracken

With Crystal you should be able to create groups on each of the fields then finally use the detail section for the INPUT IDs.

What reporting tool are you using?

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Sorry I should have stated, SSRS. I may have over complicated things before. Please see image below. At times the sub query may only return 1 Input Group, other times there may be 5. How do I achieve this? My sub reports so far have only returned one query line (so to speak)

User generated image
In the image 'sub query'  should be 'sub report'
I don't use SSRS so I don't know how to handle it there.

Does it have a grouping like capability (sections perhaps?)

I will look into that. Apologies for the wrong topic
Here is how the report should look....

User generated image
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Arifhusen Ansari
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Thank you Arifhusen Ansari, excellent answer.