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Environ is Windows 2008 R2 domain.  All DCs are 2012 R2, but forest and domain functional level is 2008 R2.

We have one KMS server.

slmgr /dli all shows only three products we are licensed for:  Office 2015, Server Standard Edition and Office 2010.

However, I have installed our KMS key for Windows 7 and it shows in VAMT as a CSVLK.

My new Windows 7 machines are not activating.  The PC reports 0xC004F074 which is "Troubleshoot all 122888 errors in Event Viewer"

Event Viewer on the KMS host shows a 0xC004F042, which is "This error occurs when a KMS client contacts a KMS host that cannot activate the client software. This can be common in mixed environments that contain application and operating system-specific KMS hosts, for example."  That doesn't really help me troubleshoot the issue.

Problem 1, my Windows 7 KMS key is not showing on my slmgr /dli report and my Windows 7 machines are not activating.

Problem 2, I'm not sure how to troubleshoot the vague error codes.

This is becoming a crisis as I have machines about to need to activate against KMS again.

Any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated.


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PS:  I have checked firewalls and telnet and comms between the PC and KMS is good.  There is a DNS entry for my KMS server as well.
Director of Information Technology
You should be able to add the Server KMS key that will allow you to activate both Windows 7 and Server OS.

Few questions:
Was this ever working for you and all of a sudden it stopped?
Was there an upgraded to the KMS server?
Is this a new KMS Server?


Yo, it's a new server, new installs.  I "see" the Server Standard Edition and I added the KMS host key when I did the install.  Am I wrong to think I should see the Win 7 in the /dlv report?

From what I am reading in your reply, the server and Win7 are the same?
yo_beeDirector of Information Technology

Do you have the correct DNS SRV record created?
KMS relies on DNS

Here is a KB article from MS
You want to take a look each one of these steps.

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