process of doing new business with IT services

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I wanted to know the process of when a sales person and maybe a sales engineer goes into a business and attempts to sell IT services.  I would like to know the process.  For example, where does statement of work, POC's come into play and what are they in general.
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A statement of work comes in after the sale has been made, it's basically the contract/project plan which sets out any deliverables and timeliness which form a contractual obligation upon the vendor to provide those agreed services to the client.

A POC may or may not be required, if the client is unsure about a project for example you could do a proof of concept to show them on a small scale that the solution will work, it may be one of the first steps in a statement of work.

Process may be:
-Meet and Greet / Sales Pitch
-Land the Sale
-Produce a statement of work
-Client agrees to Statement of work
-POC (if it's applicable to the project)
-Client sign off that the POC meets their requirements, and they're happy to proceed with a full implementation
-Project goes into full swing
-Project completed
-Client Sign off
-Client Pays
and the cycle starts again...
Also note that the SOW is expected to be the full and complete scope of a given piece of work so there may be several across a large project (each dealing with a specific part of the requirement) if the scope of each is not tied down quite well there will be a lot of change requests to manage as new items are 'discovered'

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