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Hello all,

I have never used WSUS 3.0 and only used SCCM. What I want to know if this is possible:

Can I set a scheduler or powershell script to get a full computer detailed status. (Not summary but detailed of all workstation/servers) If so, how? I searched and searched but only found powershell scripts to show summary. I'm sure someone has to have a script out there. Currently looking into task scheduler to run a report.

Is there a way to have updates install on the third week of the month instead of everyday? GPO only allows you to select the day and the time.

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I would say the answer to the question is a qualified "yes".  The problem (or one of the problems) is that the meaning of "detailed" status is going to differ depending on who you ask and exactly what your needs are.  I have seen some scripts that get a lot of detail, but usually about a specific area, like disks, or software, or other areas.  That means that you'd be extremely lucky to find a script that someone has posted that does all you want.  It's more likely that you'll have to cobble together many scripts, write your own, or hire someone to do it for you.

I'd recommend searching the MS Technet Script Repository and the PoshCode Repository.
Here's one to help with Windows updates.

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