Removal of 2003 DC Stops Exchange 2010 Services from Starting

Here is what I have.  
2 Servers
1 is 2003 running as a DC
1 is 2008 running as a DC and hosts Exchange 2010
I did a dcpromo and removed the 2003 server from AD as a DC.  Now Exchange wont start on the 2008 server.  I'm getting system errors 7031 7024 and application event ids 2114 2604 2012 5000 and 1121   All are related to Active Directory and services unable to start.

I tried a setup /preparead and it tells me that it cant find the recipient update service.
What a pain.  A simple DC removal is now a 10 hour project.  Any help is appreciated.
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Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
Does the 2008 DC point to itself for DNS? Is it also a Global Catalog Server and hold all of the FSMO roles?

Also within Exchange what DC is Exchange trying to point to? Make sure that it is pointing to the 2008 DC.

Open the Exchange Management Console and do the following...
- click on server configuration
- in the right pane select the Exchange server, right click select properties
- select the system settings tab
- check and see if it is pointing to the old DC still

PlatinumITSAuthor Commented:
2008 Server points at its own IP for DNS and hosts the DNS service.  This server also holds all the FSMO roles.  

For the 2nd question, I cant open the exchange management to see what it points at since the services wont start.  If you have a reg key or adsiedit value I can check it.
PlatinumITSAuthor Commented:
And yes the 2008 server is also aa GC, but I checked a bunch of my other single server clients and their sole DC is also a GC by default.
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Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
Does powershell work for you? If not the EMS try using a regular powershell session and add the pssnap-in for Exchange. Then run the Get-ADServerSettings | fl command and see what it is pointing to.

PlatinumITSAuthor Commented:
Hang on, setting all the services to manual.  Some are hung starting or stopping.  Any chance you know what services need to be running for the EMS to start properly?  I'm going to reboot and start each manually.
PlatinumITSAuthor Commented:
Cant start the EMS.  Now what?
Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
It is not a recommended setup to have Exchange installed on a domain controller. What you might need to do is spin up another Exchange server (own hardware) and restore your mailboxes to the new Exchange server. At that point decommission the one that is installed with the DC.

PlatinumITSAuthor Commented:
its worked fine for 5 years, no other option at this point.  Need to get it back up by 8am or I'm dead.
Mal OsborneAlpha GeekCommented:
DCPROMO the 2003 machine back in. From there you can run EMC. It should be pretty quick and easy, and will at least buy you some time.
PlatinumITSAuthor Commented:
Microsoft got in and fixed it.  Had a remnant entry in adsiedit under Configuration->Services that had a remnant from an old 2003 exchange server and I forgot that I had to turn back on IPV6.
So thanks for all the help, but the kudos go to MS...

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PlatinumITSAuthor Commented:
Paid $500 for Microsoft to fix it
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